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A Six Pack Away From Trouble


The New Album is Here!

Steve has a brand new record full of the all emotional bumps and shakes that make life worthwhile.

Twister is an cathartic joyride in the stolen-cadillac-of-life containing thirteen new, original March penned songs. Artfully blending hard rock, country, blues, folk, and even a little gospel to create a distinctive sound, Twister is firmly rooted in the storytelling and songwriting traditions of the south.

"Steve's songs are raw and earthy, yet very refined lyrically," said Wes Lachot, owner of Overdub Lane recording studio in Durham, NC.

"Musically, they are pure, almost folk melodies. They remind me of the early songs of Bob Dylan. Because Steve was singing about human beings in everyday, heartrending situations, I felt like the less refined the music was, the more powerful the album would be."

Track Listing

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1) A Six Pack Away From Trouble

2) Ain't Gonna Fool With You No More

3) The Only Place I Go

4) The Devil in You

5) Lullabye

6) Twister

7) Make Me Feel Good Tonight

8) Lucinda

9) I'll Never Go to Heaven Livin' This Way

10) Hard Old Mean Momma Blues

11) Power of the Blood

12) Ain't Gonna Fool (Reprise)

13) When the Sun Goes Down

Praise for Stephen March

"This fine author does not, and maybe cannot, pull his punches. What an admirable book!" — Fred Chappell, author of I Am One of You Forever and stories included in Best American Short Stories

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