Stephen March

The Gold Piano

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The Gold Piano tells the story of Emerson Wainwright, a young man whose idyllic life in a small North Carolina town is turned upside down after his father is caught on videotape in a homosexual act at the county hospital.

To escape from his hometown and its painful memories, Emerson enrolls at an under-funded historically black college a hundred miles away, attending on a minority grant. As the only white student living on campus, he struggles with his loneliness and his role as an outsider.

His relationship with his roommate, a black activist from Brooklyn, is challenged when Emerson begins to fall in love with Zena, a gifted black artist. The novel's final scenes bring a quiet but hopeful sense of resolution to Emerson's quest to define himself and find his place in the world.

Praise for Stephen March

"Stephen March is a master of character and story line with a fine eye for detail. Here is a splendid fiction writer whose stories will at once crack you up and make you cry."
Paul Ruffin, director of Texas Review Press and author of Castle in the Gloom, Pompeii Man, and Islands, Women, and God

North Carolina writer March (Catbird) has written an accomplished, intricate coming-of-age tale... ...well-plotted, well-written solid read.
Publisher's Weekly

"This fine author does not, and maybe cannot, pull his punches."
Fred Chappell Former NC Poet Laureate, novelist and winner of the 2005 Thomas Wolf Prize

Stephen March was a novelist, short story writer, and songwriter whose work is set in the American South. His published books include Armadillo, a novella; Love to the Spirits, a short story collection; Catbird, a novel; and Strangers in the Land of Egypt, a novel published in May, 2009 by Permanent Press (New York). Armadillo won the Texas Review Press Prize in the Novella. Love to the Spirits won the Independent Publisher Award for Short Fiction 2005, and Catbird was chosen as a Book Sense Notable by the American Booksellers Association. He lived in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, until his death in 2014.

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