Stephen March

Hatteras Moon

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Hatteras Moon tells the story of Virgil Gibson, an English professor whose friendship with a trawler boat captain and part time smuggler draws him into a world of violence, evil, and revenge. Virgil signs on as a cook, hoping to get away from his exploding marriage and mundane life as a college professor. While they are at sea, the captain and his crew are murdered by a group of men masquerading as fishermen aboard another trawler. Virgil survives by hiding in a fish bin beneath a pile of shrimp and ice. He later flees the ship, which the killers have rigged with explosives and set on fire. He spends a terrified night at sea clinging to a hatch cover and surrounded by sharks before he reaches shore on Hatteras Island. Haunted by the deaths of his friends, Virgil is determined to find their killers and bring them to justice.

Praise for Stephen March

"This fine author does not, and maybe cannot, pull his punches." — Fred Chappell, author of I Am One of You Forever and stories included in Best American Short Stories

Stephen March is a novelist, short story writer, and songwriter whose work is set in the American South. His published books include Armadillo, a novella; Love to the Spirits, a short story collection; Catbird, a novel; and Strangers in the Land of Egypt, a novel published in May, 2009 by Permanent Press (New York). Armadillo won the Texas Review Press Prize in the Novella. Love to the Spirits won the Independent Publisher Award for Short Fiction 2005, and Catbird was chosen as a Book Sense Notable by the American Booksellers Association.

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